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Aloe Thai Massage Massage Technique

Just like in most eastern healing practices, Thai massage makes use of pressure points, which are called sen in Thailand. Practitioners of Thai massage claim that there are 72,000 sen in the body, of which ten are on the highest priority when it comes to doing the massage. Applying pressure to these sen points unblocks the flow of energy and restores balance to the body. In the terms of conventional western medicine, Thai massage is supposed to increase the circulation of blood within the body and completely eliminate the toxins that cause pain and illness to the body.

Traditional Thai massage is done with both the giver and the receiver of the massage fully clothed. The massage therapist does not use any tools – only her fingers, hands, knees, legs and feet. She also uses body weight to apply force and pressure to the receiver’s body. The treatment is done with the receiver lying down on her back on a padded massage mat instead of a table. A typical Thai massage is 60 minutes to two hours long.

To a casual observer, Thai massage appears to be painful and strenuous. If properly done, however, the receiver of a Thai massage treatment would not feel any pain afterwards. In fact, the treatment should leave him or her calm, relaxed, more centered and more alert.

Aloe Thai Massage Benefits

Many people find that Thai massage has the following benefits:

• relaxes
• reduces stress
• facilitate the removal of toxins
• improves circulation
• increases energy
• increases flexibility
• improves range of motion
• centers the mind and body

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage harmonises the energies of the body and mind. Pressure applied to the body releases powerful healing forces that ease pain and stress. Its exquisite yoga-like stretches improve flexibility, maintain health and vitality, and enhance sports performance. Thai Massage facilitates and promotes a harmonious state of being. Traditional Thai Massage involves different forms of touch –pressing, stretching and twisting. It is a type of dry massage so no oil or cream is used during session. It is performed on a mat on the floor and the client wears light, loose-fitting clothing. The session can last from one hour to two hours. The treatment style is slow, deliberate, gentle, non-invasive, and suitable for even the most fragile person. People who receive Thai massage regularly experience feelings of relaxation, peace of mind, happiness, flexibility and youthfulness.

Aroma oil Thai Massage

Aroma oil Thai Massage is a special combination of the traditional Thai and western massage techniques. Furthermore, it is proved that the powerful properties of essential oils are best absorbed through the skin or through inhalation. In Aloe Thai Massage Centre there is a variety of massage oils that our clients could choose from depending on their feelings and expectations. Essential oils’ powerful soothing properties relax body and mind, reduce fatigue and clear out toxins from the skin and muscles. Aroma oil Thai Massage has the added benefit of stimulating blood circulation, enabling the oils to disperse rapidly throughout the body.

Thai Foot Massage

The entire person benefits from a Traditional Thai Foot Massage through the accelerated physical cleansing and healing. It reduces pain and stiffness and improves mood and mental clarity. During a Thai Foot Massage session a Thai practitioner will apply a special Thai balm and use a variety of hands-on techniques including graceful two handed palm movements, stretches, circular massage movements and thumb pressure. These are used along with a special Thai stick made out of teak for specific acupressure to stimulate organ reflex points on the soles of the feet. Clients leave the session feeling relaxed, balanced and invigorated. Thai foot massage brings better and deeper sleep, too.

Finnish sauna

Szaunánk egy órás használata a kiválasztott kezelés előtt vagy után 2 fő részére. Szaunázáshoz válassza ki kedvencét szaunaolaj kínálatunkból! Az Aloe Thai Masszázs Újbuda szalonban elérhető.

Thai Talpmasszázs

Az autentikus thai talpmasszázs az egyik leginkább jóleső és legegészségesebb kezelés a thai masszázskezelések közül. Valóban nagyon kellemes érzés kényelmes fotelba bújva, becsukott szemmel átadni magunkat ennek a masszázsnak. A thai talpmasszázs egy különleges keveréke a reflexológiának és a talpmasszázsnak. Thaiföldön is rendkívül népszerű, a nyugati világban viszont igazi különlegesség.

Thai Masszázs! Melyiket válasszam?

A Thai masszázs egy olyan masszázsfajta, ami sokunk számára nehezen megfogható, leírható.

Rendszeres vendége vagy egy thai masszázs szalonnak, kipróbáltad már több masszőr tudását, mégis ráébredsz arra, hogy a masszázskezelések, legyen szó thai masszázs kezelésről, mégis különböznek egymástól. Felteheted a kérdést, hogy mi értelme a különböző thai masszázs stílusoknak? Miért nem létezik egy mindenható stílus?

Aloe Thai Massage History

Thai massage is one of the oldest massage techniques in existence today. Dating back 2,500 years, Thai massage is said to have been developed by Buddhist monks right at the time when Gautama Buddha himself was still alive. These monks handed what they know to their students, who then passed them on to their own students until it spread throughout the east.
Thai massage incorporates the philosophies surrounding the Chinese concept of acupuncture and combines these philosophies with the stretching exercises done by yogis in India. The ultimate aim of Thai massage is for the receiver to attain spiritual enlightenment and harmony. On a base level, Thai massage is supposed to activate the capacity of the body to heal itself and to promote better health and well-being.

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